a9s Router Configurations

This document describes the special configuration necessary for an a9s Router deployment.



The a9s Router is a basic HAProxy 3 noded cluster with a a9s Route Registry. New instances announces its new routes to the a9s Route Registry, which uses the Dataplane API to add the new routes to the HAProxy cluster.

You will need to redirect requests to your configured Rancher domain (iaas.k8s.domain) to the HAProxy cluster.

IaaS Variables

Here are the variables you need to declare on your IaaS variable files in order to have the a9s Router deployed with success.

IaaS VariableTypeDescription
iaas.a9s-router.router_ipsArray of StringArray of static IPs to be used for HAProxy cluster.
iaas.a9s-router.registry.networkStringNetwork to be used by the registry instance.
iaas.k8s.domainStringDomain used by the Rancher dashboard.

Besides these variables, you will also need the ones used to configure your Consul cluster.

BOSH Properties

Here are the Bosh Properties you can use to configure a9s Router's HAProxy instances:

Bosh PropertyTypeDescription
ha_proxy.https_redirect_allBooleanForce redirect of http traffic to https (enabled by default)