Template Uploader Errand

Freezing Release Versions

The BOSH property freeze_release_versions allows to freeze the releases versions used in the templates to the once specified in the service manifest. Set this property to true to freeze the release versions.

Template Ops Files

The BOSH property template-ops-files contains a list of Ops files that will be applied to every template.

An entry for template-ops-files can be one of the following options:

  • an Ops file listed under the Ops Files section
  • an absolute path inside the service instance
  • remote HTTP or HTTPS location (self-signed certificates won't work)


          - ops/rabbitmq-set-free-disk-limit.yml
          - /path/on/the/vm/instance
          - https://gist.github.com/username/5edf693f9198ff987228d0e78dffcc95

Template Custom Ops Files (Inline)

The BOSH property template-custom-ops allows customers to add Ops files content (inline) to the Template Uploader Errand. That content will be applied to every template.


        template-custom-ops: |
          - type: replace
            path: /features?/randomize_az_placement
            value: true

Ops Files

a9s Messaging

ops/rabbitmq-set-free-disk-limit.ymlAdds a variable for the free-disk-limit in rabbitmq, it is used in the tiles to make the setting configurable.
ops/rabbitmq-enable-audit-log.ymlEnable in RabbitMQ service instance manifests the audit log only for RabbitMQ37.
ops/rabbitmq-ssl-verify.ymlAllow configuration of SSL/TLS parameters. Read rabbitmq-tls-configuration to learn more.
rabbitmq-add-management-ui-as-route.ymlEnable in a9s Messaging service instance manifests the RabbitMQ Managment UI dashboard via Router.

Azure Credentials for a9s Elasticsearch

ops/es-backup-azure-credentials.ymlFor sharing all service instances to one set of azure credentials. (a9s elasticsearch)
ops/es5-backup-azure-credentials.ymlFor sharing all service instances to one set of azure credentials. (a9s elasticsearch5)