Most of the a9s Data Services can send Graphite metrics to a Graphite endpoint. The platform operator and application developer can configure those endpoints individually.

The Graphite metrics can be used for monitoring and alerting.

The platform operator can specify a global Graphite endpoint by specifying global_graphite_endpoint in the service manifest. This endpoint will then configured for all data service instances.

We use the Graphite plaintext protocol to send Graphite metrics.

CF Org and Space

In certain cases it might be beneficial to know the CF organization and space a service instance metric belongs to. For this purpose the use_metrics_prefix_level_2 and use_metrics_prefix_level_3 exist in the service manifest.

The property use_metrics_prefix_level_2 will add the CF org to the Graphite metric path if set to true.

The property use_metrics_prefix_level_3 will add the CF space to the Graphite metric path if set to true.


The following is an example of a Graphite metric (plaintext protocol) when both properties are enabled:

68470a75-fd07-4897-b868-16e81fab46a5.fffd9f2a-45c6-4368-8d7a-afab38c0e594.ad6c7e44-ae0f-4c77-8df1-06819fd159ba.postgres.rgd822df8-pg-0.node.dc1.consul-dsf2.ha.master 1 1598884839

The value 68470a75-fd07-4897-b868-11e81fab46a5 is the CF org and the value fffd9f2a-45c6-4368-8d7a-afab38c0e593 is the CF space, followed by the data service instance GUID ad6c7e44-ae0f-4c77-8df1-06819fd159ba.