a9s Service Smoke Tests

For each a9s Data Service, there is an errand smoke-tests included.

This errand can be used to verify the main a9s Data Service features work in your environment.

It ensures:

  • Service instances can be created.
  • Service instances can be bound to CF applications.
  • Applications can use the data service (e.g. insert data into a9s PostgreSQL instance).
  • Service instances can be updated to a bigger plan (vertical scaling).
  • Data is still in the database after vertical scaling.
  • Data can be backed up and restored.


The smoke-tests errand tries to remove the services and applications upon its completion, but the smoke-tests errand cannot guarantee that there are no leftovers. It is the platform operator's responsibility to monitor the smoke-tests CF org and remove leftovers. Leftovers might slow down the system and raise costs for the environment (for example an AWS).

Smoke Tests Properties


Enables or disables Dashboard Single Sign On (SSO) smoke tests, which checks that the configured user can log in with a single ID and password to gain access to a9s Service Dashboard. The default value is true.

Example Ops file to disable the Dashboard SSO smoke tests:

- type: replace
  path: /properties/service-smoke-tests/service/do_check_dashboard_sso?
  value: false


Enables or disables Prometheus platform metrics streaming tests. These tests checks if the metrics of a service instance could be streamed to the Prometheus instance deployed by the platform operator. That this platform operator Prometheus is available, the opterator needs to deploy the Prometheus service broker and an instance with the prometheus-platform-logging plan. This instance will create the consul DNS entries needed for the metrics streaming tests.

To disable these tests, you can use the opsfile "without-prometheus-platform-tests.yml" by deploying your service. This will disable the metrics streaming tests.