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Version: 32.0.0

Creating Backups on S3 Compatible Services

Whether you want to backup Elasticsearch to Amazon AWS S3 or any other S3-compatible service, this section will guide you through the required configuration.


  • URL to your S3 endpoint (AWS, Minio, Wasabi...)
  • access_key
  • secret_key

Configuring the Backup Service

In the anynines-backup-manager-section of your deployment-yaml search for elasticsearch-backup:...
It should look like this:

aws_access_key_id: <some_access_key>
aws_secret_access_key: <some_secret_key>
container: <your_container>
endpoint: <some.endpoint.s3.domain>
backup: elasticsearch-backup
restore: elasticsearch-restore
provider: AWS

In general, you will only need to replace the above values with the keys and values of your S3-service.
However, if you happen to come across some difficulties with the default configuration, take a look at the next section.

virtual hosted_style vs. path_style_access

It might be that your container is only available via the so called path_style_access (Amazon AWS Documentation).
If so, you need to add this line to the elasticsearch-backup: configuration:

path_style: true

Deprecation Warning

The path_style setting is only viable for Elasticsearch 7.x and upwards. Version 6.x or lower does not support this configuration and thus must use virtual hosted_style paths!
Additionally keep in mind that the path_style_access is deprecated (refer to AWS-docs) so you should generally consider reconfiguring your S3-access if you are still using path_style_access.