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Version: 32.0.0

a9s MariaDB Resources Considerations

This document describes concerns and limitations to be considered when allocating resources for your a9s MariaDB plans.

Reserved Memory

The relevant buffer configuration configured by a9s MariaDB is innodb_buffer_pool_size, which by default, is 50% of total_memory - 1GB reserved. a9s MariaDB reserves 1GB for side processes, and it is configured to use 50% of the remaining memory.

The remaining memory is shared with other small buffers, side processes, and the OS. It is important to notice that the number of open connections influences on the usage of the remaining memory. Currently, max_connections is configured as 1500, but to instances, this might be too much, and the number of open connection will directly affect the performance of your node.

MariaDB 10.4: Ephemeral Disk Size

You need to have at least 20000MB (20GB) of ephemeral disk size.

MariaDB 10.1: Does Not Support Ubuntu Bionic Stemcell

The default stemcell for a9s MariaDB 10.1 is Ubuntu Xenial at version 621.125.