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Version: 32.0.0

a9s Data Services Release Lifecycle

This page introduces the release lifecycle information related to the a9s Data Services, their Vendor Services and the relation between each other.

In regards to our Data Services, our goal is to provide N-2 major versions of them, in order to facilitate a smooth transition between two major versions. Therefore, when a new major version of a data service is released, the old N-2, now the N-3, major version of the data service is usually removed from the offering.

Removal from our offering is also triggered if the major version of the data service is no longer supported by the vendor (EOL set by the vendor). In such a case, the major version of the data service will be marked as deprecated 24 weeks before the vendor's EOL, if possible.

When an a9s Data Service reaches the EOL, it means:

  • New features will not be developed for it anymore
  • Bug fixes will not be developed 24 weeks after its deprecation

Note: Under certain circumstances (e.g. an upgrade cannot be realized within the timeframe foreseen by anynines) it is possible to purchase up to 12 weeks of overtime for security fixes.

Release Lifecycle Information

a9s DS NameVendor DS NameVendor DS Versiona9s Beta Releasea9s Stable ReleaseEOL in Vendor
a9s LogMeElasticsearch5.6.16v0.11.0v3.0.02019-03-11
a9s Elasticsearch 7Elasticsearch7.10.2[4]v17.0.0v20.0.02022-02-18
a9s Elasticsearch 6Elasticsearch6.3.1v0.28.0v3.0.02019-12-05
a9s Elasticsearch 5Elasticsearch5.6.16v0.8.0v3.0.02019-03-11
a9s HarborRedis5.0.14v2.15.0v11.0.02020-04-??
a9s k8sKubernetes1.18.12v2.8.0v9.1.02021-04-28
a9s MongoDB 5.0MongoDB5.0.9 SSPL[5]--?
a9s MongoDB 4.2MongoDB4.2.28 SSPL[5]v1.37.0v2.11.0?
a9s MongoDB 4.0MongoDB4.0.13v2.2.0v5.0.02022-04-30
a9s MongoDB 3.6MongoDB3.8.8v1.2.0v2.2.02021-04-31
a9s MySQL 10.4MariaDB10.4.25v17.0.0v20.0.02024-06-18
a9s MySQL 10.1MariaDB10.1.48v0.12.0v3.0.02020-10-17
a9s MariaDB 10.6MariaDB10.6.8v33.0.0-?
a9s PostgreSQL 13PostgreSQL13.7v23.0.0v32.0.02025-11-13
a9s PostgreSQL 11PostgreSQL11.16v1.5.0v6.0.02023-11-09
a9s PostgreSQL 10PostgreSQL10.21v0.15.0v3.0.02022-11-10
a9s PostgreSQL 9.4PostgreSQL9.4.26v0.8.0v3.0.02020-02-13
a9s Messaging 3.10RabbitMQ3.10.5v31.0.0-?
a9s Messaging 3.8RabbitMQ3.8.34v15.0.0v18.0.02022-01-31
a9s Messaging 3.7RabbitMQ3.7.28v0.17.0v3.0.02020-09-30
a9s Messaging 3.6RabbitMQ3.6.15v0.8.0v3.0.02018-05-31
a9s Redis 6 [6]Redis6.2.6v30.0.0-2023-02-28
a9s Redis 5.0Redis5.0.14v1.4.0v2.16.02020-04-??
a9s Redis 4.0Redis4.0.14v0.13.0v3.0.02019-01-14[2]
a9s Redis 3.2Redis3.2.12v0.8.0v3.0.02017-01-17[1]
a9s Prometheus[3]Prometheus2.36.2v2.8.0-?
a9s Search 1OpenSearch1.3.3v31.0.0-?


[1] The stable branch for Redis 3.2 hasn't received updates for a longer period, see . Therefore, we consider it to be EOL on upstream side

[2] The stable branch for Redis 4.0 hasn't received updates for a longer period, see . Therefore, we consider it to be EOL on upstream side

[3] The a9s Prometheus is still in Beta phase. Be aware that in this phase it might happen some unknown issues already expected by the phase itself.

[4] The a9s Elasticsearch 7 has the Elasticsearch version frozen due to the fact that version 7.11 or newer is under the SSPL license.

[5] SSPL - Server Side Public License

[6] a9s Redis 6 is tracking Redis 6.y.z releases.