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Version: 32.0.0


This document describes options to migrate data from an older a9s PostgreSQL version to a newer one, for example how to migrate data from an instance using PostgreSQL 9.4 to PostgreSQL 11.

Custom Parameter copy_from

The application developer can migrate data from an older instance to a newer one using the custom parameter copy_from, see Dump and Restore From Origin Instance to New Instance.

If an error happens during the migration and no syslog endpoint has been specified, the platform operator can take a look at the first BOSH VM of the deployment in the following files:

  • /var/vcap/sys/log/postgresql-ha/post-start.*
  • /var/vcap/sys/log/postgresql-ha/copy_from.*

CAUTION: Ensure that all objects in all databases belong to the cfuser before running copy_from.