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Version: 32.0.0

Securing the a9s Framework with TLS

This feature is not fully released yet!
We strongly recommend to test this feature in testing environments and do not deploy to production environments yet.

This section describes, how to switch the a9s Framework from plain-text HTTP requests to TLS secured HTTPS requests.

Current State

The following Data Services and Components are currently supported:

Data ServicesComponentsMissing Components
a9s Messaging
a9s PostgreSQL
a9s Redis
a9s LogMe
a9s MongoDB
a9s MySQL
a9s Search
a9s MariaDB
a9s Service Broker
a9s Deployer API
a9s SPIs
a9s SSO-Proxy
Deployment Updater (Errand)
Template Uploader (Errand)
a9s Backup Manager
a9s Backup Agent
a9s Dashboard API
a9s DS API Gateway
a9s Bee

Known Issues

  • There is no documentation on how to rotate the TLS certificates yet.