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a9s Addons

This section contains information related to the a9s Add-ons.

a9s Backup Manager

This documentation describes the a9s Backup Manager service. The a9s Backup Manager is responsible for orchestrating

a9s Backup Process

This document describes the supported properties for the a9s Backup Service.

a9s Backup Service

This section documents the a9s Backup Service, its components and its use cases.

a9s Platform Required Ports

| introduced in release | Deployment | Instance Group | Direction | Deployment | Instance Group | Protocol | Port | Description |

a9s Router

This section describes the operation of a9s Router.

a9s SSO Proxy

The a9s SSO Proxy component sits in front of the a9s Service Dashboard and does

Application Developer

This section describes everything an application developer might need to know to use the a9s Data Services.

Configure Broker Callback URL

It is possible to configure the anynines Service Broker with an URL which will be called when different events occour. For all events the same URL will be called with a HTTP POST request. The HTTP body of the POST request differs for each event. The following table shows the different events and the HTTP body that will be send to the callback URL for the corresponding event.

Dashboard - Static Navigation Entries

The dashboard can show additional navigation entries in its navbar. They can point to defined targets. It is represented by a list of object under the keys dashboard-api.staticnavigationentries.


Most a9s service plans collocate Logstash on the instance VMs to allow log and


Most of the a9s Data Services can send Graphite metrics to a Graphite endpoint.


The a9s Add-on defines a way to plug in a new version of a data service as well as extending the

Platform Operator

This section documents the operational tasks required to run the a9s Data

Service Catalog

The a9s Service Broker can provide different services and service plans. Which

Service Instance Limits

You are able to set limits how many Service Instances can be created with one Service Broker in the config. These limits can be applied on 3 levels:

Service Instance Resource Usage

On this page we will present the most important resource usage limits for our data services. If a property is specified as "-" there is no property in the BOSH release for that particular setting but we list it here in order to document the default setting for the the user's convenience.

Service Plans

The a9s Service Broker can provide different services and service plans. Which

Setup BOSH Director

The BOSH director can be set up using bosh-deployment, as is officially documented here//


In order to manage BOSH stemcells in anynines-deployment, we've made stemcells

Template Uploader Errand Properties

The template-uploader errand has different properties based on each service. In the first section you can find the general properties, valid for all services. Additionally you can find the properties for each service in the sections below.

TLS Encryption

This section documents the operational tasks related to the TLS encryption of the a9s Data Services.