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Version: 44.0.0

LogMe Platform Plan

For platform operators we provide a special kind of plan, the platform plan can be deployed by an platform operator. By default it deploys a 5 node Elasticsearch cluster with one Logstash endpoint for syslogs and one Kibana to access the cluster.

Normally in a platform only one instance with this plan should exist.

Usage of separated VM and Disk Types

Since a platform operator possibly collects a lot of logmessages from different services, the platform plan consists already of two more Elasticsearch nodes. Additionally the VM's can also be scaled up separatly from the service plans for users. To scale up your platform instance, use the following types:


  • a9svs-logme-pl-kibana - scaling of the Kibana instances
  • a9svs-logme-pl-logstash - scaling of the Logstash instances
  • a9svs-logme-pl-es - scaling of the Elasticsearch instances


  • a9svs-logme-pl-es - scaling of the persistent disks for the Elasticsearch nodes

For the other instances not disk_types are configurable since those instances do not store data on persistent disks.

Scaling the nodes

Since it can be really helpful to scale the amount of instances based on the load of your platform, this can be done via custom parameters. If you scale any of the instances, the newly spawned instances will be added to the service DNS entry, this way a automatic loadbalancing is in place.

To scale your instances, you can use one of the following parameters:

  • es_instances - number of Elasticsearch instances
  • kibana_instances - number of Kibana instances
  • logstash_instances - number of Logstash instances

Attention, the scaling of Kibana instances is still in Beta and should not be used in production systems

The Number of instances is limited to 10, since from this point on, it makes more sence, to use another setup of Elasticsearch and Logstash nodes. So if you reach this number of nodes, please contact our support.

To scale the Logstash nodes to 3, use the following command:

cf update-service platform-logme -c '{"logstash_instances": 3}'

This scaling feature is only possible for the platform plan and not for the other plans.