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a9s Public API

This section describes how to use the a9s Public API to interact with your Service Instance through the available

a9s Service Dashboard

The a9s Service Dashboard is a component available within all a9s Data Services which allows first hand monitoring of

API V0 Endpoints

This version of the a9s Public API is now deprecated, and will be discontinued in future releases, please consider using

API V1 Endpoints

This section describes the usage and specifics of the available endpoints of the a9s Public API V1.

Disaster Recovery

Currently, a9s PostgreSQL is the only Data Service that supports performing a disaster recovery execution into a

Graphite Metrics

This document lists and describes the Graphite metrics available in the a9s Framework.

TLS/SSL Service Plans

Currently, some a9s Data Services are experiencing problems regarding logging when using TLSv1.3. Therefore, we strongly

User Provided Certificates

By default - if no certificates have been provided by the Application Developer - the certificates configured by the

Using a9s Service Dashboard

This section describes the usage of the a9s Service Dashboard from the perspective of the Application Developer.