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Version: 45.0.0

Creating Backups with LogMe on Azure

Creating backups on Azure with LogMe requires a different approach and as such the specification of parameters is different from the usual proceedings.

Some settings are still configured on the backup-service whereas the credentials for the Azure account itself must be specified in the deployment manifest of the service instance because the credentials have to be present on all cluster nodes.


Follow the steps Prerequisites, Configuring the Backup Service, Configuring Service Instances - Elasticsearch Version 5 and Verify Your Setup from the Elasticsearch Azure Backup documentation.

Globally Setting Default Credentials

All service instances need to share one set of azure credentials. You can do so by modifying the properties of the template-uploader job in your Elasticsearch service deployment, e.g.:

+ /elasticsearch_backup_azure_account_name: 'your-account-name'
+ /elasticsearch_backup_azure_account_key: 'your-account-key'
+ template-ops-files:
+ - ops/logme-es5-backup-azure-credentials.yml

The ops file is also setting the Elasticsearch plugin to repository-azure. This is necessary to be able to make backups with Azure.

Note: After adding those lines, the template uploader errand must be executed.