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a9s MariaDB


Although a9s MySQL has been renamed to a9s MariaDB, it should be noted that every a9s MariaDB version >=10.6 is to be considered part of a new data service.

Be aware that from the a9s MariaDB 10.6 version there were also some changes in the name of some properties, the data service names, domain names, metric names, etc. Most of these changes between the version are related to the name mysql and mariadb.

  • a9s MariaDB versions < 10.6 will keep using mysql in most cases.
  • a9s MariaDB versions >= 10.6 will use mariadb in most cases.

Due to the changes stated above, we recommend that Platform Operators forbid/restrict the creation of new a9s MySQL instances (either via the removal from the catalog, by disabling of the service plans, or whichever option you see fit) once a9s MariaDB's GA is released.

a9s MySQL documentation was moved to a9s MariaDB.