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Version: Develop

RabbitMQ Management UI

The RabbitMQ Management UI can be enabled by using the Ops file ops/rabbitmq-enable-management-ui-as-route.yml which can be found in anynines-deployment. Since each a9s Messaging service instance provides its own RabbitMQ Management UI, we use the Route Registrar to dynamically register these routes. Therefore, you need a router that can dynamically update its routes based on a NATS message bus such as gorouter to use this feature.

When the Ops file is applied, a link is added to the a9s Service Dashboard so that the Application Developer can access it.


Due to the internal workings of the a9s Data Services the Ops file ops/rabbitmq-enable-management-ui-as-route.yml references another Ops file which is used by the a9s Template Uploader Errand. For more information see Template Uploader Errand: Template Ops Files.