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Version: Develop

Service Instance Limits

You are able to set limits how many Service Instances can be created with one Service Broker in the config. These limits can be applied on 3 levels:

  • A total limit of Service Instances for the Service Broker that is applied on each Service and Plan provided by the Service Broker.
  • A limit on Service level how many Service Instances can be deployed for this Service and the corresponding plans.
  • And lastly a limit on Plan level how many Service Instances can be created for this Plan.

These limits are optional and if none is set you can create an unlimited amount of Service Instances. If they are set they are evaluated in the following order: Broker limit -> Service limit -> Plan limit.


Total limit + service limit

To set a total limit or a limit for a service you can use the Ops-file broker-instance-limits.yml as a basis for your environment. In this Ops-file you can set the value for the total limit according to your needs. You can there also define the limits for each service you are offering in your environment, e.g.:

- type: replace
path: /properties/anynines_service_broker/services/a9s-mongodb70?
instance_limit: 1000

The name of each service can be found in the used iaas-config.

Plan limit

The limits for the individual service plans have to be set in the iaas-config used for your environment. There you have to add the property instance_limit to the plans that should be limited, e.g.:

description: 'a replica set'
free: true
guid: a2795518-8111-4681-91c5-46f202cea289
template_name: mongodb70sspl-replica-ssl
instance_limit: 50