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Version: Develop

Static Navigation Entries

The dashboard can show additional navigation entries in its navbar. They can point to defined targets. It is represented by a list of object under the keys dashboard-api.static_navigation_entries.

Manifest settings

- { display_name: "link name", link: "link url", id: "required_uniq_string" }

Ops File

Apply static navigation entries via the ops file to the service manifest. The id key needs to be unique throughout the list of static navigation entries. See example below.

- type: replace
path: /properties/dashboard-api/static_navigation_entries?
- {display_name: "RabbitMQ Management Console", link: "https://<instance-guid>.<dashboard-domain>", id: "rabbit-mq-mngmt-console"}

Possible Options

As shown by the second example, the Static Navigation Entries accept wild cards for <instance-guid> and <dashboard-domain> that would be automatically replaced by the dashboard.