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The a9s Add-on defines a way to plug in a new version of a data service as well as extending the current anynines-deployment configuration. It is used to enable, for example, the SSPL versions of some data services for the users that have a license to offer the service in their platform.

The add-on defines all the necessary files and dependencies necessary for its installation, as well as any information about requirements.

In general, when applying add-ons, the files can be interpolated and injected into the anynines-deployment directory (the resulting directory after extracting the anynines-deployment package), extending its content, where after that it is possible to follow the normal installation procedure. Or they can be applied via the --ops-file BOSH CLI option. This will depend on the platform operator preferences, the version of the add-on, or even the particularities of each add-on.

This document introduces a brief overview of the a9s Add-on, the versions, and its specification. The platform operator should use the version specification to guide himself when writing scripts to apply and install the add-on.

Add-on Versions

Each add-on is defined by a version of the add-on specification. The version of the specification is represented by a sequence of integers greater than zero.

The specification version the add-on conplies to is specified in the plain text file SPEC_VERSION under the root directory of every add-on. The content of this file is only the integer representing the version. The place for the version file and its content is not affected by the version specification and the presence in the root of the add-on directory is mandatory.

By reading this file, any reader can identify the version the add-on complies with.

The following specification versions exist:

A version already released never changes, however, the description can be improved and extended while not changing the meaning of the content.

New versions are included only with major releases of anynines-deployment. This means that the version an add-on is compliant with can change at any moment but only within a new anynines-deployment major version, so always check the version before going ahead with the installation.


Add-ons are shipped with each anynines-deployment release and under the same version as the anynines-deployment release. The download can be made at the releases page of anynines-deployment on GitHub, under the External Links section.

Every add-on is released with a plain text checksum file containing the SHA-256 of the add-on gzipped tarball named <add-on_tarball_name>.sha256.


Every version specification details enough information for the platform operator to install and automate the add-on integration and installation, any particular steps and requirements are detailed in each add-on.