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Version: Develop


Most a9s service plans collocate Logstash on the instance VMs to allow log and metrics streaming.

BOSH Properties

The following BOSH properties for the a9s Logstash release are internal. Therefore, they are subject to change and there is no guarantee the following documentation is up to date.

However, we expose the following BOSH properties for support and debugging purposes.


The BOSH property logstash.log_level is available to set logstash's command-line flag log.level, see logstash's documentation.

Possible values are:

  • fatal: log very severe error messages that will usually be followed by the application aborting
  • error: log errors
  • warn: log warnings
  • info: log verbose info (this is the default)
  • debug: log debugging info (for developers)
  • trace: log finer-grained messages beyond debugging info