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Version: Develop

a9s Service Smoke Tests

For each a9s Data Service, the smoke-tests errand is included.

This errand can be used to verify the main a9s Data Service features work in your environment.

It ensures:

  • Service Instance can be created.
  • Service Instance can be bound to CF applications.
  • Applications can use the a9s Data Service (e.g. insert data into a9s PostgreSQL Service Instance).
  • Service Instance can be updated to a bigger plan (vertical scaling).
  • Data is still in the database after vertical scaling.
  • Data can be backed up and restored.


The smoke-tests errand tries to remove the services and applications upon its completion, but the smoke-tests errand cannot guarantee that there are no leftovers. It is the platform operator's responsibility to monitor the smoke-tests CF org and remove leftovers. Leftovers might slow down the system and raise costs for the environment (for example an AWS).

General Smoke Tests Properties

When set to true the SpaceDeveloper role is assigned to the configured Cloud Foundry user in the configured organization and space, otherwise it must be manually assigned.

The SpaceDeveloper role is necessary to execute the a9s Service Dashboard tests. See also: service-smoke-tests.service.do_check_dashboard_sso

Default value: true

NOTE: The role is not removed from the used Cloud Foundry user afterwards.

IMPORTANT: Please be aware that if this property is set to true, this potentially extends the permissions of the Cloud Foundry user being used.


Enables or disables Dashboard Single Sign On (SSO) smoke tests, which checks that the configured user can log in with a single ID and password to gain access to a9s Service Dashboard. The default value is true.

Example Ops file to disable the Dashboard SSO smoke tests:

- type: replace
path: /instance_groups/name=smoke-tests/jobs/name=service-smoke-tests/properties/service-smoke-tests/service/do_check_dashboard_sso
value: false


Enables or disables Prometheus platform metrics streaming tests. These tests checks if the metrics of a Service Instance could be streamed to the Prometheus Service Instance deployed by the platform operator. That this platform operator Prometheus is available, the operator needs to deploy the a9s Prometheus service broker and an Service Instance with the prometheus-platform-logging plan. This Service Instance will create the consul DNS entries needed for the metrics streaming tests.

To disable these tests, you can use the Ops file "without-prometheus-platform-tests.yml" by deploying your service. This will disable the metrics streaming tests.


The prefix for the Cloud Foundry ASGs created by the a9s CF Service Guard. When the value of the property asg_prefix has been set in the a9s CF Service Guard, the same value must be set here.

Default value: a9s-asg

Service Specific Test Cases

For some of the a9s Data Services, there exist some special test cases that can only be executed for the specific a9s Data Service. These special test cases will be explained in the following.

a9s PostgreSQL

Migration Tests

You can enable/disable migration tests using the property service-smoke-tests.service.do_check_migration. The tests are enabled by default. If enabled, the smoke tests will run migration tests. It is basically testing the custom parameter copy_from that is available to the Application Developer, see Migration documentation.

For every service that you want to run migration tests, you must set the plan_migrations property. For example:

do_check_migration: true
- name: a9s-postgresql13
- origin_service: a9s-postgresql94
origin_plan: postgresql-single-nano
target_plan: postgresql-single-nano

The property plan_migrations can be null to not test anything for the current service.

Otherwise, it must be an array of objects with the following keys:

  • origin_service: The service name where the origin_plan exists.
  • origin_plan: The plan name for the Service Instance we do want to fill with data and migrate data from.
  • target_plan: The plan name within the current service we create an Service Instance with and do want to migrate data to.

For every entry in the array the test will run the following high level test logic:

  • Spawn up an Service Instance with service origin_service and plan origin_plan and fill it with data.
  • Spawn up a new Service Instance with current service and plan target_plan using the custom param copy_from.
  • Validate new Service Instance copied the data from the first Service Instance.

The service names you reference must exist under, otherwise the smoke tests might fail during migration tests since the service offering must be enabled during smoke tests initialization.

a9s Prometheus

Custom Scrape Config Test

You can enable/disable the scrape config tests using the property service-smoke-tests.service.do_check_service_cases. The tests are disabled by default. If enabled, the smoke tests will run tests to ensure that a scrape config can be configured in an a9s Prometheus Service Instance. It is basically testing the custom parameter scrape_configs that is available to the Application Developer, see Custom Scrape Configs.

To enable these tests, you have to set the property service-smoke-tests.service.do_check_service_cases to true, e.g. with an Ops file.

- type: replace
path: /instance_groups/name=smoke-tests/jobs/name=service-smoke-tests/properties/service-smoke-tests/service/do_check_service_cases?
value: true

The custom parameter scrape_configs must be modifiable by the Application User, otherwise the smoke tests might fail during testing a custom scrape config since this property will be set during the smoke test run. See Custom Parameter Configuration how to enable the Application Developer to use custom parameters.