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Version: 50.0.0

Introduce New Service Plans

Introducing new Service Plans also has an impact in the a9s Billing Services. The system requires a price to be assigned to each Service Plan, so it can be exported to an invoicing system.

When introducing new Service Plans you have to consider which prices they have or create a default price.


A running instance of CF Billing and settings for following properties:

  • cf_billing.autogenerate_service_plans (true / false)
    • Enable automatic price plan generation
  • cf_billing.autogenerate_service_plans_default_price (float value like 25.99)
    • Represents the monthly price which will be set for uncovered service plans

Autogenerate a Configured Default Price for Service Plans

If the autogeneration is enabled, the Errand cf_billing_autogenerate_service_plans can be used to generate a configured default price for new Service Plans.

A corresponding Ops file to add the Errand to the a9s-billing deployment is available at ops/cf-billing-autogenerate-service-plans.yml.