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a9s Prometheus Migration Considerations

With the introduction of Grafana 10, it is now possible to migrate existing a9s Prometheus Service Instances containing Grafana 8 (which uses the template promgraf-single) to a plan containing Grafana 10 (which uses the template prometheus2-grafana10-single).

Plan Compatibility

In order to allow the migration of a9s Prometheus' Service Instances, you must ensure that the destination service plan has the same resources as the origin service plan (e.g. from a -small plan to another -small plan).

Thus, the default placeholder values such as vm_type, persistent_disk_type should be exactly the same; as upgrading to another, larger service plan, regardless of the type of plan and used template is not possible.

For more information, please refer to the Upgrade the Service Instance to another Service Plan

Limitation on Plans Using Grafana 5

Plan updates from plans using the templates prometheus-single and prometheus-platform to other plans using a different template.