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Version: 50.0.0

Setup a Global Syslog Endpoint via Runtime Plugin

If you have a syslog endpoint (e.g. a LogMe 2 instance) you can configure each a9s Data Service component and Data Service instance to stream its log messages to this endpoint. To achieve this two ways exists:

  1. Configure a BOSH runtime plugin. This works for each plan and will also affect management components like the service brokers.
  2. Configure an ops file to be applied on each service instance template. The ops file will reconfigure the colocated Logstash to stream the logs to the desired location. This only works for service plans which have a Logstash colocated and currently requires an internet connection on the BOSH director.

To setup a log streaming via runtime plugin perform the following steps:

1. Upload Syslog BOSH Release to the BOSH Director

bosh upload-release

2. Create file holding the runtime config

Create a file with the following content (replace the syslog address):

- jobs:
- name: syslog_forwarder
release: syslog
address: logleech-tentacle.service.dc1.consul
name: logs
- name: syslog
version: 11.0.2

3. Update BOSH Runtime Config

Run the following command and specify the file you have created in step 2.

bosh update-runtime-config <runtime-config-file>

Right after this change, new or updated deployments will stream all logs in /var/vcap/sys/log/*/* to the specified syslog endpoint.