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Version: 49.0.0

a9s LogMe2

a9s LogMe2 enables on demand provisioning of a pre-configured OpenSearch and Fluentd Stack. a9s LogMe2 makes service and application logs queryable, visualisable and scalable. Common to all a9s Data Services are the comprehensive plans delivering on-demand scaling from small single nodes to big node clusters. a9s LogMe2 service instances can be deployed via Apps Manager or the Cloud Foundry Command Line Interface.



By utilizing a one VM per node architecture a9s LogMe2 secures its processes performance, reliability, and integrity. This layered approach serves as reliable mitigation against "noisy neighbor" problems, and grants the controls needed for applying common security practices (e.g. application security categorization).

Current Features

a9s LogMe2 includes the following key features:

On­-demand provisioningDeploy and upgrade to meet demand simply with the Cloud Foundry CLI or Apps Manager
Layered securityVM based isolation promoting alignment with enterprise security requirements
Network isolationa9s LogMe2 uses Cloud Foundry application security groups (ASGs) to prevent network connections from unauthorized apps.
Smoke testsA post-deployment, smoke-test errand runs basic tests against your installation, ensuring that it is configured properly.
Deployment updaterAn updater errand updates the stemcell and all provisioned a9s LogMe2 service instances to their latest version.
Logging and MonitoringEach a9s LogMe2 service instance provides log messages and metrics to one or more syslog/graphite endpoints. You can configure the syslog/graphite endpoint to receive logging and monitoring information.