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Version: Develop

a9s Prometheus

Migration Support

a9s Prometheus does not support migration from plans containing Grafana 5 to any other a9s Prometheus' plan due to its lack of migration paths.

a9s Prometheus enables on-demand provisioning of VM-based, dedicated Prometheus system, which contains Prometheus, Grafana, Alertmanager and Graphite exporter by default. The Graphite exporter contains a huge set of metric mapping to be fully compatible with the metrics sent out by the a9s Data Services. Additionally, a huge set of default alerts is also available from the beginning and should fit multiple use cases.

Application Developers can create instances of a Prometheus system using the Apps Manager or the Cloud Foundry Command Line Interface (cf CLI).



When you run the cf CLI cf create-service a9s-prometheus command, BOSH creates dedicated VMs for this Service Instance. This allows the best possible bad neighborhood protection.

a9s Prometheus Service Instance provisioning, including VM orchestration, is entirely automated. This enables Service Instances to be highly isolated and shielded by infrastructure virtualization mechanisms.

Due to the on-demand provisioning on VMs, only existing Service Instances allocate infrastructure resources. These resources are released when Service Instances are destroyed. Using on-demand provisioning the number of Service Instances is not limited by design.

Current Features

The current version of a9s Prometheus includes the following key features:

On­-Demand Service Instance Provisioninga9s Prometheus deploys Prometheus instances automatically. Developers can provision a Prometheus system using a single command.
Service Instance IsolationEach Prometheus system runs on dedicated VMs to ensure bad neighborhood protection in order to be aligned with enterprise security requirements.

a9s Prometheus uses Cloud Foundry security groups to prevent network connections being established by unauthorized apps.
Smoke Testsa9s Prometheus contains a post-deploy smoke tests errand that runs a series of basic test against your installation to ensure that it is configured properly.
Service Instance Capacity UpgradeCloud Foundry Service Plan updates allow upgrades to the RAM, CPU, and storage capacity for your Prometheus instances.
Deployment UpdaterThis errand automatically updates the stemcell and all provisioned a9s Prometheus Service Instances to their latest version.
CF Service GuardThe CF Service Guard creates Cloud Foundry App Security Groups for your Service Instance VMs.

When the IP address of a Service Instance changes, the CF Service Guard updates the ASG.
a9s Data Service compatibilityThe a9s Prometheus service is fully compatible with the a9s Data Service instances, graphite metric mappings for all metrics are already included and a huge set of default alerts too.


a9s Prometheus is still in beta, please note the following restrictions:

  • Encryption in transit is not available for client-side nor internal communication
  • The configuration of Prometheus, Graphite and Grafana are not backed up in any way
  • Only non-clustered instances are available
  • a9s Prometheus doesn't come with an a9s Service Dashboard, as there is no backup functionality, this also means:
    • Basic system metrics are not available as there is no dashboard to display them
    • Grafana or Prometheus dashboards must be opened via a special URL
  • Metrics and Logs are not available for a9s Prometheus' instance components
  • The Service Instances are not protected with a9s Parachute, which means that neither the ephemeral nor the persistent disk are protected from overflow/overuse